Ant extermination

Ants and carpenter ants

The carpenter ant is a widespread insect in Canada, mainly in two species: the bicolor ant and the black carpenter ant. It is a nuisance visitor that can cause quite a bit of trouble for your home.

How to recognize them?

The bicolor ant has a dark brownish black color and its thorax is reddish brown, while the carpenter ant is uniformly black. Specimens from these two spaces range in size from 9 to 10 mm long for males and 6 to 13 mm for females.

This type of ant does not eat the wood, but ejects it in the form of sawdust. So, if you notice traces of sawdust in your floor, know that they are not far away.

A little more about ant extermination

How to exterminate them?

To exterminate them, you must find their nest and destroy it. To do this, use boiling water for the nests present on the facade. For the interior, use a vacuum cleaner, and be sure to get rid of the bag.

Do not hesitate to use insecticides containing borax. If necessary contact an exterminator, the latter will update all the nests and proceed to their total destruction.

How can you prevent damage from this insect to your home?

  • Preserve all wooden structures in your home from humidity.
  • Clear the area around your house of rotting wood
  • Be sure to eliminate ants present in the firewood you use.
  • Insulate cracks in the exterior coverings of your home.
  • Don’t leave food lying around your house.


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