Discover our extermination services for Boisbriand

For an extermination at Boisbriand. Our company specializes in the main scourges known as wasps, rats and other types of pests.

The offices of Cible Action Extermination are located in Mascouche. We are therefore close to the Boisbriand region and can move quickly.

Find out about our emergency service. When it’s urgent and you need our services quickly, we will be available. We offer our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exterminateur à Boisbriand


There are several species of wasps in Quebec. The one found in homes is called social. Wasps have a very thin waist and are not very hairy. They sometimes measure 1 to 2 cm more than their cousins bees and bumblebees. Their abdomen is usually striped with yellow and black.

Do not worry. We take care of your wasp problems in Boisbriand and the surrounding area.

If you have a nest that bothers you, opt for the Cible Action Extermination team to get rid of it.


The presence of mice in your home, in Boisbriand, is never well seen. In addition, this rodent is generally a carrier of diseases, is intelligent and knows how to thwart the traps set for it.

To be able to properly manage a mouse infestation, you need to have a real knowledge of the animal and put in place a global strategy.

In addition to mice, we also deal with rats and other types of rodents such as skunks, raccoons, etc.

We have all the knowledge to exterminate rats in Boisbriand. Be confident with the Cible Action Extermination team.


The ant is a widespread insect in Canada, mainly in two or three species. It is a nuisance visitor that can cause quite a bit of trouble for your home. Especially the carpenter ants of Boisbriand…

If you want to get rid of the ants invading your home, Cible Action Extermination takes care of exterminating ants in Boisbriand and the surrounding area!


Although they are not really dangerous here in Boisbriand, spiders cause disgust and phobias in some people. We all know someone who really does not tolerate them. When they are inside homes, they weave webs all over the place which little by little take up a lot of space.

Whether it’s a problem outside your home, such as a nest or an infestation, or a problem inside your home, we have the right solutions.

At Cible Action, we exterminate spiders in Boisbriand and on the entire north shore of Montreal. No matter the type of spider, we take care of it.

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